Computing fluid spring production

I’m trying to understand how much fluid springs produce, so I can determine how much fluid I can take for power production. For example, the following definition:

new WorldgenFluidSpring( "overworld.fluid.water", T, BlocksGT.WaterGeothermal, 15, 100, FL.Water_Geothermal.make( 500), ...);

As far as I can tell from looking at the code, fluid springs use the amount of the fluid block provided as the probability to produce fluid every tick, so hot spring water would spawn once every 500 ticks on average. The amount of fluid spawned is I think encoded in the block metadata:

worldObj.setBlock(xCoord, yCoord+1, zCoord, tBlock, 7, 3);

Since fluid springs look like they spawn two buckets at a time, based on viewing them in game, I think that a block has (metadata + 1) / 4 buckets in it. That would mean that a hot spring fluid spring averages 2 / 500 buckets per tick (4 mB). Is all of this correct?


Metadata 7 = 1000 Millibuckets, which is what is generated every 500 ticks in this case.

The Metadata used around the Spring is 15, which is 2000 Millibuckets, to imply a pressure release when you pickaxe into the Area around the Spring.

So the Math is 1 Bucket every 500 ticks on average or 2 Liters per Tick total, per bedrock Fluid Spring Block.

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Thank you, that cleared it up.