[COMPAT] Other popular food mods such as AppleMilkTea

AppleMilkTea (www(dot)curseforge(dot)com/minecraft/mc-mods/applemilktea2), MapleTreeMod (the original forum shut down, so here’s an archive of the thread:


and here an archive of the download: (https)web(dot)archive(dot)org/web/20190715191901if_/(https)forum(dot)minecraftuser(dot)jp/download/file.php?id=71167)

, etc., all are pretty popular 1.7.10 food mods, yet GT6 doesn’t seem to really support any of these. Would be cool if you could process them using GT6 machinery like you can with other foods (or if GT6 machinery could automate the production of these kinds of foods).


Yeah I only went for the popular Food Mods. I dont think any of the other Food Mods is gonna be fully supported though. So that one is a no.

Edit: Also please avoid making a new Account for every single question.


the problem with “popular food mods” like pam’s is that they’re bloated and uninteresting. All these crops work exactly the same, even for crops where it would make sense - like berries growing on bushes - to have a different model, they still work on the same script that vanilla wheat works on. The sheer volume of textures and item IDs significantly increases loading time and RAM usage. Some textures look out of place, or inconsistent with the rest of the mod. And then there are actually interesting and sensible food mods like AppleMilkTea that don’t bloat the game with trash like Pam’s Harvestcraft, and nobody seems to care about those.
I just don’t get it, I always thought you yourself hated these kinds of mods, so why would you recommend them on your download page?