[COMPAT] Minefantasy II

MineFantasy is a large medieval based mod with goals to aim on improving many features. It adds a forging and smelting system, and much more. Please use this fork though: GitHub - Zaxar163/MineFantasyII-Cont: Unofficial MineFantasy II repository. Flyse version!
Sirse basically abandoned the original MineFantasyII and the fork I linked you has a lot more content.


Support Request for Compat with another Mod. Moved it to the Support Section so the Auto.Bump Feature wont make me forget. XD

Also just double checking, this is the proper Link right?



You could use that, it’s just that the fork OP linked is 81 commits ahead of that version.


The thing with that is, I would need to compile myself which I am DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO DO, because the Releases there are identical to the Releases on Curse when it comes to Version Number.


So I took a look at it. Its actually kinda hard to support this mod due to it using NBT instead of Metadata for differentiating Items in some cases. But I did what I could to make it more compatible.

Also in case you’re curious, the reason I dont Self Compile Mods is that normal End Users don’t do that either, and I dont expect them to go compile Stuff themselves.