Chunk Generation Issues

Hello everyone, I often encounter issues with world generation in Minecraft. Typically, when creating a world in certain locations, chunks simply fail to generate, causing the internal server to stop responding to commands, entities to stop moving, and so on. Additionally, upon exiting the game, the developer console reports a “PermGen error.” After researching this error online, it was suggested to add a launch argument to the launcher (-XX=256M -XX=512M). After restarting the game and the world with this launch argument, the world loaded successfully and chunks began to generate again, albeit with anomalies. A screenshot of these anomalous chunks is attached.


Those two Errors are not related to each other.

The permgenspace thing is fixed by your arguments so we wont need to talk about that one.

This weird corrupted Chunk is because it is simply randomly swapping block IDs while the game is saved, and it might be unfixable. Try deleting that Chunk and it will generate normally again.

Thank you for your response. Alright, let’s not pay attention to these broken chunks. Most of the problem is that chunks stop generating in different places, and the world freezes, it looks something like this:

I’ve encountered this problem not for the first time. Is there a solution? I’ve installed the default config pack and FastCraft, but it hasn’t really helped. Could this be a problem related to world generation mods?

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That issue is because vanilla is broken, if you move too fast it might think you are a few hundred blocks to the left (according to the screenshots perspective), so it doesn’t load newly generated chunks since it thinks you’re not actually there. Exit and Enter the game again to fix this and you will see your TRUE location.

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