Chromite -> chromium crucible recipe overload

Hello again,

I noticed some strange thing happened while processing Chromite ore by the crucible:
recipe suggests to output 0.25 of chromium

but after smelting 4x we got 10xScrap(which is 1.111 instead of 1.0)

In other hand, for Magnesium we have the same recipe:
And got exactly 9 scrap by 4x ores, just as described in NEI

So i think NEI recipe OR actual output for chromite(and probably some others which i not find yet?) better to be corrected, just to equalize NEI and real things :slightly_smiling_face:

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How much was Chromite worth again? It might have been more than a quarter but less than a third. Therefore it cannot display the amount inbetween properly in NEI.


Try calculating it with 1/72 dusts and you will get the correct answer.


Hmm, okay after your tip i found the difference!
0.250 of Chromite will give us 4/72 of Chromium
0.250 of Magnesite will give us 3/72 of Magnesium
jez, i cannot trust NEI anymore! thats guide to more complex calculations before autosmelting…
But anyway thanks a lot :upside_down_face: