Chests, burning boxes, pollution

Here, some suggestions.

  1. Chests. Unlike hoppers chests’ capacity don’t correspond to used materials. Some larger chests would be nice considering number of ore byproducts.
  2. Shutter cover for burning boxes. Vanilla pistons are deprecated.
    Manual variant for early game smth like: bricks + plate + rod.
    Automatic for late: aluminium cover, plate, two rods (guide rails), compact electric piston.
  3. Dump pipe cover, opposite of drain. Working only in rivers, polluting water with sluice juice :smiling_imp:
  1. I personally have something against those giant Chests with way too many slots flooding the Screen, I would rather use the Quad-Drawer that I added that has 4x36 Slots in one Block.

  2. Nope, not gonna happen, the Burning Boxes are supposed to be that low of a Tier that you can only barely use Stuff on them. Only the Gas Burning Box will respond to the OFF Switch Cover, due to being very easy to just turn off a Gas Flame compared to a Liquid or Solid Flame.

  3. Ender Garbage Bin exists, you know. But still a fun idea. XD


I’ve used buildcraft’s floodgate to release water into a reservoir. I’m toying with the idea of turning on finite water and recycling water from it. I’m guessing you could do the same with sluice juice and pump your waste water back out, flooding the overworld dwarf fortress style.

In terms of pollution I’ve found that Gregtech makes it’s own, as built up areas suffer from terrible lag pollution. :laughing:
I have wanted to add pollution aspects to industry though, kind of like thaumcraft’s taint spreading through the land. In built up areas you would find that leaves die off, grass becomes greyer, plants have trouble growing and water becomes non-potable.


Don’t use Buildcraft, so will either use EGB or dryer / centrifuge.

I know about Ender Garbage Bin, pollution is the keyword. XD

The problem is MC rivers don’t flow, so pollution will spread everywhere and eventually cover sluice water supply. Then you have to relocate further and further until the whole world tuns into a big dump.
Or build filters.


Personally I use a dryer and store the sluice dust as I don’t have a centrifuge capable of separating it yet.
Also means I have a fairly constant supply of distilled water.