Ceramic (terracotta) pipes

We should have ceramic pipes, made from curved clay plates and needing hardened before use.
They should be able to hold liquid but not gas and withstand heat.
We have ample mountains of clay but once we start getting into bronze it becomes near useless other than burning box bases. What do you think?


My thoughts on this are a complicated mess, considering it SHOULD need glazing too for making it able to contain Food, yet somehow the ceramic Jug doesn’t need Glaze, and even then the temperature capacity would go down with Glaze, which in turn would also need an earlygame way to obtain Glaze, not to mention that I would need to add yet another stat to Pipes Tanks and everything just to see if it can contain Food…


Sounds really nice, as a way to deliver liquid fuel to burning boxes in the early game! And since it cant move steam they wont make bronze pipes obsolete


Lol, why food? I only meant for water and hot liquids like lava. I hadn’t considered piping something like juice. Glaze would be great, I’d like lacquer too but sometimes you need to forgo a little realism for playability.

If you are looking for an easy way to glaze, stoneware can be glazed with shells or ash, ash is used in clay in kilns to glaze pottery and we get a lot of ash from burning boxes. That starts getting into all sorts of kiln bother though. Did you know I wanted a glass furnace? A pottery/glass kiln sounds fun. I converted Et Futurum’s blast furnace into a kiln since it can’t smelt metals anymore. Changed its recipes to glassware and clay only.

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