Can't get cryolite dust

I was unable to put the molten cryolite from the measuring pot into the chrome crucible. I just wanted to cool this liquid in order to get cryolite scrap, and from it I can already get cryolite dust from which I can already get 1/72 of a pile of cryolite dust. It will be easier to melt 1 / 72nd of the dust in the crucible than I used to catch the right amount of molten cryolite in a liquid tube, given the small amount of cryolite needed in the recipe to make aluminum. It’s the same with aluminum fluoride. Version 1.7.10 6.14.14.


Tried using a Nugget Mold directly at the source of the Molten Cryolite? That should be far less awkward than using the Crucible.

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Yes, I was able to get nuggets directly from the pipe into the mold.