Can't find any chromium

I have searched large portions of the world for any ore that can give chromium, but I haven’t had any luck. Are there any tips for finding chromium ores, i saw that they spawned in a basalt layer, but not much else. Any help would be apricated!


Try setting up a Sluice first, and then Centrifuge the Sluice Juice for Chrome. Basically ANY ore can be a Chrome Ore with the Sluice.


Hi! How are you searching for ores? I’ve had a problem with that too bc i tried to stripmine for them, its not the case!
How big is your search area? Some times you have to go 1000+blocks for some times…
Make yourself a magnifyeing glass, it really speed up rockchecking process.

Good luck! :gear:

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Don’t you mean Branch Mining? Plenty of Minecraft Players love to get those two wrong. Strip Mining is like the Coal Pits of Germany, while Branch Mining is tunneling around.

But yeah it is intended to go search for Rocks on the Surface to find the Ore Veins you are looking for. ^^

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Yeah i meant branch mining, but i didnt know it was called that!

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It triggers me even more when people like Cubfan call it stripmining even though they make a rather scientific video about whether caving or branchmining are better. (caving won by a huge margin)

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I only search for ores on the surface, by picking up rocks. I mark on my Journeymap every rock I find of useful material. I may accidentally hit a useful ore underground, but given how large the ore layers are I never do speculative mining.


Ore prospecting is a learned art, and pretty fun.