Cannot find bedrock veins under a group of indicated rocks

Months ago I discovered a good way to find bedrock veins on other dimensions which do not generate dirts as well as indicated flowers, that was to look about small rocks on my journeymap. I found that where rocks are generated too close, where is always with a bedrock vein under. I cannot say they are easy to find but I can pledge this method is reliable.

I found approximate 50 bedrock veins in this way on Mars, they were all with the same indicated rocks on its above and all disperse little. I meant I digged a vertical hole near the too-closed indicated rocks on the ground then I ALWAYS found the vein. But I met a kinky example today and I cannot give up to find it because I found a Adamantine Bedrock veins on Mars.

Where the torches lies is near to the small indicated rocks, and I have digged out(physically) the underground nearby of 4x4 chunks but did not find anything about Adamantine. I am so curious about how far can it be from the indicated rocks to the bedrock vein? I know Adamantine can also generated in some iron veins so I investigate every iron vein in 15x15 chunks and all of them generate Malachite rather than Adamantine. They are mutually exclusive! So it cannot appear any Adamantine that was NOT of bedrock veins according to my experience. Now I am totally confused and just digging around with no aim and cannot find any result. Help me please!


Adamantium Stuffs should be Bedrock Veins, how old is your GT6 Version? Because in newer Versions, if you picked up just Rocks then it’s a GT5 Style Vein, and if you picked up “Raw Adamantine Ore”, then it is a Bedrock Vein.

I would recommend digging a 1x1 hole to Bedrock in the center of each chunk for the 5x5 of chunks around the Rocks you found.


Sorry for replying too late. I use 6.13.09u still. I digged up the whole 5x5 of chunks as you say but did not find anything. Now I am too tired and don’t expect to find it anymore and thank you for your help.