Candles and more

If you do not install forestry and its extensions (Extrabees, Magicbees etc.), then the various waxes produced by beekeeping are of little use, and the Capsule-Cell-Container is completely uneconomical (only 1000L capacity, completely inferior to metal drums, and low melting point), Even if you do not go to beekeeping, distilling oil will produce a lot of paraffin wax.

I remember talking about the candle proposal a long time ago, but you may have forgotten that this is a torch-like block, which can be made of various waxes other than refractory wax (because it is unflammable), and can be used for decoration and The lighting, if placed on the side, will have a small “candlestick” support (only a model).

In addition, there are some small suggestions:

Electromagnets will attract nearby iron drop items and iron golems when they work (maybe a good idea for iron golem farms?)

Gallium Arsenide Advanced solar panels: Considering that arsenic and gallium are common by-products and have no practical use (Processing cobaltite will produce large amounts of arsenic, gallium is byproduct for some minerals), I think this is a better suggestion, its voltage It should be at the LV level. Compared with ordinary silicon solar panels, gallium arsenide solar panels are more efficient, but due to their higher cost, they are currently used in some spacecraft (mainly planetary probes, Mars rover, and Mir space station. But now The ISS still uses silicon solar panels)

Use lead, arsenic and other toxic materials to brewing poison potion.


A lot of items in GT6 have no use unless you have the specific mods installed, and I mean a hell of a lot considering that the game has material compatibility for hundreds of mods. How about simply writing a minetweaker script yourself to make them useful? This way you’ll get all the changes you want on your own terms.


Forestry does add candles to use wax, as well as hardened leather armor.


You clearly meant to say Pam’s there because of the Hardened Leather Armor.

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Oh yea, the leather is pams, and it appears that both have candles.


This would be a nice addition.

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