Can you disclose the future plan of GT6?

I found that some fans asked you some time ago, “Why are these things useless”, “What to add in the future”, “Why haven’t these things been added” and so on. I want to say if you can reveal the features of GT6 “already planned”? Let your fans know what you’re going to do, which can reduce many doubts.

Also, recently you seem to be updating a little slowly… Since the second half of 2018, only the axles, gearboxes, anvils and lightning rods have been added, as well as the newly added fluidized bed burning boxes. Others are less important things (such as gas cylinders), compatibility and bug repair, and even a basic machine has not been added. This is a lot less efficient than in 2017, although I know you may be a little uncomfortable, and the scheisse Copyright Act, I hope GT6 will add more new features in 2019!

in last,happy pig’s year! :peppapig:


Yeah my productivity went very chaotic with lots of ups and downs. Recently more downs than I would like…

I was very motivated to do something nice for GT6 last week until I ended up shitting blood on Friday because poop got stuck in a very bad way (yeah that was what I hinted at in my Patreon Post), while I was fine again by the time I added the Gas Cylinder on Wednesday (due to some people requesting a Measuring Pot for Gasses, and it being an easy Feature), it was just one single day of doing some work, instead of the intended 4 days (Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) + 1 day of Testing/Release (Thursday), though that week @Bear989Sr kinda “froze” during the extreme cold Temperatures, so testing didn’t happen last week either, at least not before the Release.

Weekends are usually playing Factorio with @OvermindDL1 or things like watching my favorite Dungeons & Dragons Campaigns by Zito (TFS at the Table), Lanipator (Role With Me) or Monty (The Unexpectables). I just need to find a way to no longer fall asleep while laying in bed without intending to sleep, because that happens to me a lot while watching things from Bed recently, and that can get annoying with the usually 3 hour long Episodes…

Currently I am not that worried about the Copyright shit, because that will continue after the next voting season, so there is gonna be a new Parliament by the time they work on it again. Also soon the Copyright Shit will also be joined by Terrorism Prevention Shit, with Upload Filters also having to filter Terrorist Content flawlessly (which they obviously cant), and Websites having to respond to notifications within a single hour, which is terrible for small websites that have like one Moderator that needs to fucking sleep sometimes.

As for planned Features, definitely Nuclear Fission and Fusion, and better Burning Box Types that require some Electric Components to work (unlike the Boxes we have right now). I am a tiny bit afraid to promise too much, because I dont know if I get everything done by the time 2020 starts (which is when I will definitely start making my own Game, regardless how finished GT6 is, and only maintain GT6 mostly)


Can you make a list of all the features you’ve planned for (that’s what you admit to having added to the list)? Like most other mods, they usually make an “update content” list on their main page or Wiki to predict what they will update later, which can also better remind you what to do in the future and dispel more doubts (for example, some fans may wonder, “Have my suggestions been adopted?” )


I tend to instantly say “added to my list” for people who give me suggestions, so those do know. If its a Feature from old GT Versions it is also likely to be added again later.

And the reason I dont publicly mention the contents of my List is that I dont want to let people down too much if a specific feature might not show up for ages.


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