Can norwegians and danish pronounce mechaenetia like mechænetia

While we all are waiting in excitement for the cogs to turn again, we might as vell solve the complicated problems. Are norwegians and danish people allowed to pronounce it like mechænetia, as the æ is in our alphabet?

Not that we would, as it sounds quite unnatural.

Sincerely, someone who is bored and likes to waste time.


The real question is how do you northern people pronounce “æ”, because things like “ä” exist too and it’s definitely not “ä”.

It is the Latin version of the “a” sound followed by the Latin version of the “e” sound, if you wanna be canon about it. XD


a in “sad” sounds really close to æ

how do you pronounce latin a sound followed by latin e


i think you got this a with ° that sounds like “ah”, unless I am mistaken.

Its stupid that English never pronounces a, e, i, o, u properly, because they are all five wrong…

So I guess a as in “ah” and e as in “eh”.


lol thats how Norway does “a” and “e”.

but yea, if its like that. Then there is a world of difference beetwen “ae” and “æ”