Can hoppers pull evenly divisible amounts from inventories?

I think i have seen them behave this way before, but i might just be dreaming or it has something to do with item barrels.

Let me just start out with a restriction i have placed on myself this time around, i don’t want to use item barrels in this world. Like at all, never.

But, say i have a hopper that outputs divisible counts of 9. BUT i don’t want the hopper to fill with items that are NOT divisible by 9 already.
Or another way of saying it, i want the functionality of the hopper outputting 9 items at a time but i want it to have a lot more room inside.
Or even better yet, is there a “requester” (or similar) that can take any number of item pipe connected chests (even vanilla ones) and request ONLY evenly divisible by 9 stacks?

And no, i am not so far in as to have logistics cores and all that stuff.
And i don’t use other mods for item transportation, only Gregtech.


There is a Retriever Cover that can do this with Item Pipes afaik. :wink:

And here is a question for you, where do you wanna store the Items that are not divisible by 9 if not in a Hopper that waits for them to become divisible?

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Another inventory. A compartment drawer for example. That has 144 slots.
That is as far as i want to go in terms of item compactness if you get what i mean. I wanna make use of logistics rather than storing insane amounts of something in a single block.
But as i said, a cooler solution to this would be the ability to just use vanilla chests connected to one hopper/cover/machine that will pull (directly from those chests, without them pushing into item pipes)

I am currently using ultimet hoppers (which i would replace with tungsten ones later) because they have 27 slots. I am compacting dusts with dust funnels. And there’s an insane amount of different types of dust in GT so it’s getting “interesting” to have something like ten hoppers for each size of dust to be fed into dust funnels.

It’s all about avoiding them backing up waiting for that one 1/72th dust that would trickle down to a block…

Thanks, i will look at the retriever cover.


Ah ok, the retriever is still cool for other future projects i have, but it doesn’t seem to say anything about pulling exact amounts of items.

In a perfect world, there would be a retriever cover that one can set to retrieve evenly divisible amounts of X with a oredict filter so i can have them pull to dust funnels of different sizes.

Or you know, a metapile of dust that automatically grows as any other size dust sits in the inventory with it. Lag city of course.

I mentioned this issue as a requested feature in mechaenetia. Having dynamically sized piles of stuff.


What I would have loved to do is just “only have 144th piles of dust, but make their max stacksize 82944”, but noooo ofcourse Minecraft and NEI will fuck you over on Stacksizes greater than 64…

Edit: and NBT Stacksizes are also not an option like TFC does it…

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Yes that too. But a stack of 9216 sounds like another kind of nightmare to me.
Unless one could do some metashit and display it as 33.243 m³
Which would be 43083 “moles” (a mole being 1/144) of dust.

Anyways, i marked it solved so it wont bump. But i suppose there’s no better way than what i am already doing.