Byproducts of depleted nuclear fuel rods

I noticed that IC2 fuel rods generates different byproducts than GT6 ones. Moreover currently GT6 rods does not have any products than tiny pile of primary material. It’s also make plutonium not available without using IC2 reactors.
Does anyone have minetweaker centrifuge recipes for that?


Did a bit of research and made this.
depletedFuelFix.txt (2.9 KB)
// please rename to .zs if u want use it in mineTweaker
Here is examples of some recipes:
Depleted uranium 238 fuel rod -> 9 x zirconium scrap + 1 x tiny pile of uranium dust + 1 x refined uranium ore + 12 x 1/72 pile of plutonium (chance: 50% each)
Depleted uranium 235 fuel rod -> 9 x zirconium scrap + 1 x tiny pile of uranium-235 dust + 1 x refined uranium ore + 12 x 1/72 pile of thorium (chance: 50% each)
Depleted plutonium-244 fuel rod -> 9 x zirconium scrap + 1 x tiny pile of plutonium dust + 1 x refined plutonium ore + 12 x 1/72 pile of uranium 235 (chance: 50% each)


Ah nice that you found out how it works. I personally dont use MineTweaker so I did not really know how to help there. :wink:


Why neutron reflectors does not speed up rod depletion? More globally: why neutron levels doesn’t change depletion rate? I make 1x1 core and 2x2 core. Both same rods. After 5 minutes time remaining was same but isn’t it should be different cause neutron levels in 2x2 core is twice more?
It can be good way to get byproducts (plutonium) by fast depleting u238, for example using 4 neutron reflectors or more powerfull rods.


In the next update, when the distilled water reactor is introduced, fuel rods will deplete based on their neutron output, but only for distilled water reactors.

In the update after that, that will be reverted and reactors, but at and after a certain fuel specific neutron output per tick, fuels will lose durability four times as fast and scaling with output. The reason this is done is to make fuel efficiency (i.e. total energy output per fuel rod) simpler to understand. Higher output equals higher efficiency up to a certain fuel specific point, where it suddenly becomes less efficient.

This update will also introduce a new mechanic of fuel breeding similar to IC2, so you can get U233 and Pu239 from breeder rods of Th232 and U238.

I may also do better byproduct recipes for the depleted fuel rod, but I’ll have to do a bit of research first.


Any idea on when that will happen?


Release 6.12.02 featuring distilled water reactors that can be made supercritical will release at the end of February or beginning of March.
Breeder reactors and the final durability/efficiency system will probably arrive one or two weeks later, depending on how testing goes, the code it’s already finished.
Everything else (depleted fuel byproducts, new coolants, neutron moderators) isn’t coded yet. I have exams coming up soon, so after that is done I hope to finish my work on reactors in the second half of March.


Yeah sorry for delaying the Release, I seriously hope that serious Bugs will not happen until in 2-3 days or so. ^^"


Really curious in the new Fission stuff and how it works. ^.^