Bugs, suggestions and questions

Hi. I want to start with an error in the swamp biome in vanilla minecraft, and the swamp biome of the ExtraBiomesXL mod. When swamp water spreads, the land near the shore changes to mud. Flowers and cattails from the ExtraBiomesXL grow on the ground, which are gradually dropped, since they cannot grow on mud.

Water in snowy biomes does not always freeze correctly. Such an error can occur both with the ExtraBiomesXL mod and without it. I never found out the reason.

I would like to suggest you to make a smoother transition from sea water to river water. Like you did with the swamp water. Sometimes these transitions look quite strange.

I suggest for trees in Gregtech in snowy biomes to generate snow on foliage, as on vanilla trees.

Optifine has a nice “Better Snow” feature. It allows you to show snow under flowers, grass and bushes to make it all look more natural. Flowers from Gregtech are supported. Flowers from Bunnies mod are not supported for some reason. I would like to ask you to add support for this feature for stones and sticks from your mod.

And I would like to ask questions. How long has the seawater from Gregtech been able to fill entire underground spaces? I was surprised when the mine under the ocean with me completely flooded) Was that supposed to be the case? How do palm trees spawn? Just by the type of biome “Beach” or is there a check of neighboring biomes? I will be very grateful for the answers.


Yep. Ocean water is dangerous due to floodfill. Of course that’s great for taking out underwater dungeons.


That’s correct. GT’s nasty green swamp water changes nearby dirt into mud. It takes time though, it’s not instant.


Which is weird because they SHOULD be able to grow on Mud just fine, since Mud allows ANYTHING to grow on it, Modding API wise…

Rivers should not freeze, Riverwater which is different from normal Water, cant freeze. I have no damn Idea why these weird patterns emerge though…

If it wasn’t for Rivers to exist LITERALLY INSIDE THE DAMN OCEAN, I would have done that… Mojang really messed that one up.

Yeah I should probably put visual Snow under those when needed.

It was always the case for it to be able to flood everything. This feature was even more flooding when I originally added it, so I reduced the Water Flow Angle a bit.

It checks for Ocean or Beach, but it also blacklists closeby “Cold” Biomes to make sure they dont spawn in certain other Biomes.


So river water is not normal water? I thought it was the same thing… Is it river water in rivers, and normal water in lakes? By the way, why did you decide to make the river water not freeze?

Hmm, I just checked and realized that this is indeed the case… Maybe you should make river water and sea water the same color? I think that the difference in color does not play a big role.

I’ve never noticed anything like this before. But it’s a cool thing.

Then ExtraBiomesXL spoils everything for me. If a meadow appeared near a snowy biome and it borders the ocean, then palm trees are generated. It looks strange. It is worth considering the Climate Control mod for a more correct distribution of biomes.

It’s going to be really cool. The absence of snow is very noticeable.


Because flowing Water does not freeze that easily, and since it is a River it would eventually just flood over the frozen Parts too in real life, so it is easier to just not have it freeze.

Until you notice that there is a lot of NORMAL water around Rivers too.


Then I don’t understand how and under what conditions normal water is generate


mainly where there is a river but no river biome. A few singular Blocks at the border of a River can exhibit that behaviour.


I think I’ve found the reason that water freezes incorrectly in snowy biomes. The River biome or another biome is sometimes located in the Frozen River biome (and it looks strange). I think it’s worth adding the possibility of freezing to river water. If this contradicts your idea, then you can add this parameter to the configuration file.

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