Bronze-age GT6 fluid barrels

Hey all, it’s been a few years since playing Minecraft (the new forums look great) so I’m definitely a little rusty on some of the basics.

I’m trying to make a GT6 wooden fluid barrel, but making a bottle of glue in the bronze age has got me stumped. I’ve mixed rubber resin and water in a mixing bowl but can’t figure out how to get the fluid glue it into a glass bottle (including using a tap)

Is there any way to bypass the canning machine? or do we have to wait until we have electricity?

Keeping this short and sweet, thanks all


IIRC one just needs to right click on the border of the mixing bowl with the glass bottle.
(not the interior)


The Reason for clicking the border of the Bowl is because you can paint stuff in Bathing Pots, including Ceramic Jugs, which can store Liquid, which would result in not being paintable if there wasn’t two click options. (well a Hopper would work too but I dont want people to be assed by that)


Aha, very sensible
Thank you both for your quick reply, cheers


Wait, I find that the walls of lead, bronze and steel seem to be useless. What kind of multiblock will be added in the future?