Bone Needle - Witchery

The resident mage has told me there is a recipe conflict for a bone needle, a tool from the witchery mod.
It’s crafted via a bone and flint side by side but this recipe is in use to make a flint knife. Anything that can be done to fix that? Both recipes appear to be shapeless as far as I can tell.


my flint knife is NOT shapeless, therefore no conflict if you rotate it around right if the needle is shapeless.

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My bad Greg,
I meant shapeless as in when you place an ingot in a grid, you can either receive nuggets or chunks depending on where you place it. I don’t know the term for this, grid-specific perhaps? You can place the bone+flint combo anywhere on the grid and it will produce a flint knife.

I think the idea in witchery is that you shave or chip the bone with the flint to produce a needle. I believe their recipe calls for the Bone in the left corner and Flint in the middle top:



Guess I am gonna re-check Witchery again soon.


Cheers, sorry for the work when I know you would rather be automating production.


Okay, what about Koboldite? It has an Ingot, a Nugget and a “Small Pile of Dust”-looking thing, that might actually be a Tiny Pile of Dust. So what is it? Is it normally Furnace Smeltable or did GT6 somehow autodelete that Recipe?

And that Tiny Pile of Silver Dust called “Silver Deposits”, I have in my Notes that it would cause an exploit if it were considered as an actual Tiny Pile, but I don’t see how that would be at the moment. There already is a Recipe for turning 9 of those into an actual full Dust, so something seems weird on that one.


After perusing the FTB wiki it appears koboldite has very little worth other than making a pickaxe, some sort of statue and an altar upgrade. it is gained by trading small koboldite dusts with hobgoblins to receive koboldite nuggets that can be crafted into ingots. Said small dusts are gathered by enslaved hobgoblins it would seem.

The pickaxe itself is an unusual recipe involving buckets of lava.
I don’t think the material is is meant to be smeltable, at least it doesn’t seem so based on what i’ve read.

As for the silver dusts, they are gained by smelting gold ore in a furnace over a silver vat. I guess this could be considered an exploit though if the gold is consumed it would more likely be considered exchange. (no strikethrough?)

Edit - My mistake it would seem you smelt gold ore in a furnace to receive silver deposits in the silver vat which would make it more of a byproduct as you would still be receiving the gold I’m guessing. Though I don’t think you can smelt gold in a furnace with Gregtech so i’m wondering if this actually works.

Tell me this, are you able to construct the bone needle? I’m wondering if there may be some underlying bug I haven’t taken into account that isn’t related to Gregtech.


Cant make the Bone Needle without adding a GT6 Recipe for it either.

Is there a way to make Koboldite Nuggets into Koboldite Ingots and vice versa? Or do you have to buy each form individually?


I’ve never dealt with the hobgoblins directly but they seem to be the only ones who can do it:

From FTB wiki:
Hobgoblins are the only way to obtain the valuable resource of Koboldite. They are the only ones who know how to turn Koboldite dust into Koboldite Nuggets [and nuggets] into Koboldite Ingots. They are also the only ones who can find the dust when digging.

You would need to trade a dust for a nugget and a nugget for an ingot, along with some sort of price if I read that correctly. Seems someone needs to teach these b******s a lesson for hoarding information.


Okay then Witchery Compat is fixed now.


Cheers Greg, I’ll let the mage know and check it out next update. :grin: