Boiler limescale

If you use ordinary water instead of distilled water to feed the boiler, it will calcify. The main component of calcification commonly known as “limescale” is calcium carbonate, including magnesium carbonate, calcium sulfate and other insoluble salts.
Therefore, I think I can get a little calcium carbonate dust or scrap when cleaning the calcification of the boiler with a chisel. The higher the degree of calcification, the more I get. Although it’s basically useless, it’s very interesting.

(this is a boring suggestion I came up with after watching several videos of cleaning the boiler)


Yeah the reason I did not give Items for that is, because I do not want to encourage intentionally calcifying Boilers. People might get the wrong Ideas…

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Actually I do, only I account for the 50% loss in power in my designs. I build double the layout of boilers, run them half at a time until they reach 50% then run them both on regular water for the same power. Or if the machine can handle running from double the power just plumb them all in and let it simmer down. Inefficient yes but it means I never need to worry about my distilled water running out on my ‘always on’ machines.

I also use wooden pipes to vent unwanted gas like sulfur dioxide when I’m not making acid or early games. :slight_smile:
Haven’t found a way to combat the excess amount of water created by some processes though. No way in GT to output water back into the world and ender bins aren’t easy to get to in early game. Buildcraft has a floodgate that I like to use but I see it as cheating because it’s not GT.

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