Blaze Spawner Unbreakable

Blaze Spawner Unbreakable

I found a blaze spawner in the Nether Fortress, but I can’t seem to destroy it with GT pickaxe (at least tier 3 pickaxe can’t destroy it in 10 seconds), and I can’t use torch to stop the blaze spawning. What’s the solution?


Use a Club or a Hard Hammer if you wanna break it fast. The Pickaxe thing is intended to PREVENT you from breaking the Spawner by accident.


Find another problem: Although the hammer can damage the spawner normally, the breaking speed is too slow to destroy the spawner before the next wave of monsters are spawned, and a lot of durability will be lost. A hammer can not destroy many spawners, which is not good for dungeons with many spawners.


Hrrm, yeah considering the Hammer can do it fast, I guess I should make an exception for that since people usually dont have a Hammer on them.


For the longest time I didn’t realise this and thought you had made the spawners impossible to break Greg, I ended up using a mining drill from immersive engineering to get the job done as it was the only thing tough enough to make a dent, worse than breaking obsidian let me tell you.