Better material does not equal more space

I’ve noticed that some things in gt6 are inconsistent when it comes to choice of material and what better materials do. For example a gt6 wooden tank holds 8000L while the more expensive one made with iron rods holds 16000L while remaining the same size. And yes you can argue that its minecraft logic but not exactly.

You see minecraft chests hold 27 item stacks and to make them hold 54 you need a double chest. GT6 chests are made from different metals (some cheap and some are expensive) but they all take up 1 block of space and hold SAME item stacks (which is good in my opinion as it makes sense).

So a lot of mods do this “better metal means better everything” but GT6 should not do that because its supposed to be a consistent mod that “makes sense and balances the game”. I suggest changing all capacity amounts at least to be the same across all metal types or block recipes, tiers ect. And make the space it holds depends on the size of it ingame. Different use of metal could mean something else like durability or resistance to some environment hazard or whatever.
(sorry for shit grammar, im dont feel like typing perfectly right now)


Yeah I kinda have to assign different qualities to everything, except stuff like Chests and Mass Storages, there I have constant values because i do not want the GUIs to grow too large (double chest size is the absolute maximum GUI size I am willing to go), and Mass Storages dont really have more than 6 digits worth of space lol.


Another thing is that there seems to be too little use of Vibranium, the “ultimate material” set. It is not comparable to the Neutronium of gt5u. The Neutronium of gt5u can make some of the most ultimate machines and items (such as the ultimate battery). But what about vibranium? It seems that it can only be used as some powerful tools, the ultimate turbine and item pipe. It makes people feel completely unworthy (after all, you need to do at least 700 in a row to recover your EU cost).


GT5u has a lot of content GT6 should have as well. I miss the gt5 steam age with some machines like the alloy smelter ect.