Base screenshots

Base screenshots

I was asked to make some screenshots of my base. Ok :slight_smile:

Main crafting/smelting area. Crucible in front, big large green crucible to the right. Also visible: crusher, sluice, centrifuge (steam powered, from earlygame).

Electrolyzer and slow shredder (16 Ru/t). Electrolyzer is currently electrolyzing lithium chloride for batteries, but previously I used it for everything: cassiterite, molten chlorides (need chlorine for titanium), even first aluminium. It’s fluid output filters for oxygen, chlorine and hydrogen.

First distillation tower. Previously run on creosote, now on uranium (2 uranium rods, 2 absorbers, 160 HU/t output, uses green heat exchanger). Light blue aluminium chest contains some radaway.

Factory view from above. Steamy core from earlygame and malachite-painted outer layer.

Tetrahedrite vein and some of the farm.

Second steamy floor. Large stainless water and sluice juice tanks (I centrifuge sluice juice for water, some metals and stone dust…). To the left - large gas turbine. To the right - top of distillation tower, first steel maker (the new way) and bottom of sulfuric acid… section.

Top of sulfuric acid section: tanks for oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, steamy mixers. To the left - compresor for diamonds (IC2 compat recipes). Electrolyzer for vitriols is covered from all sides (even using construction foam for pipe) to reduce lag. Also: burner mixer for distilled water.

Roaster and it’s mass storages.

Top of the distillation tower and my propane and butane reserves. No steam cracker yet - I used catalytic cracker for now.

Top of aqua regia. 3 mixers and a bath.

Here I wasted much EU to distill helium and neon from air… and distill much oil using waste heat :slight_smile: 1024 CU/t and 1024 HU/t. I think.

Lightning processor for making nitrogen monoxide. Currently turned off.

More green drums. Now I see that I can make 2119 more radaway (assuming I have enough iodine).

Some electric machines. Some useful for circuit crafting.

Burner mixer for titanium. Chlorine tank; chlorine is “made” by that lithium electrolyzer.


Is that green roof Grass, C-Foam or Asphalt?

Also nice Spaghetti. XD


Construction foam. You forgot concrete option :wink:


Well I also forgot a Screenshots Section on the Forums, but I fixed that at least. :wink: