Arrowhead recipes missing

The recipes for any arrow heads reverts to the raw arrow head of whatever material but no recipe is shown for the raw metal, plastic, and rubber arrow heads.and some wooden. Most wooden raw arrow head recipes are shown. Flint is shown. The raw arrow head mold is there, though NEI info reads as clay arrow mold, not clay raw arrow head mold. Is it a bug that the clay raw arrow head molds aren’t being shown for non-wooden raw arrow heads?


Yeah there might be a problem with Arrow Heads and NEI, though they can all be made just fine with the Mold and Grndstone/File as far as I know.

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Arrowheads can be made in the crucible with most materials, an arrowhead mold can be made by pressing a clay mold with flint if you’re wondering.


Reading back over this again, you are aware that anything cast in the crucible will need to be filed right? By default when an item is made it’ll come out blunt or ‘raw’ and will need to be filled or sanded in a sander to get the actual item? Just the way you are writing makes me think you might be looking for a ‘regular’ arrowhead mold, but you wouldn’t get that.


Ok, it wont stop bumping. We need to find the solution! My guess is the recepy is fine and a fellow MinerX is Just a little bit confused about the need for sharpening