Are there any Mods that improve the End Dimension?

Yes, I am asking this, because now I am planning on updating my End Worldgen, so I don’t have to run the unreliable GT5 Garbage there anymore.

Ofcourse I know about Et Futurum, but are there other 1.7.10 Mods that similarly add End Features from future MC Versions?

Preferably looking for something that actually adds End Islands apart from the Main one, so that if I actually decide to add those, I dont duplicate them when they exist in other Mods already.

I don’t know of any mods for the End in 1.7.10, probably due to the End not receiving much attention until later minecraft versions. I see a mod names EndPlus but it seems to be all but vanished from the net as all the links I followed led to 404.


Found one named Hardcore Ender Expansion. Never used it so I don’t know if it’s worth looking into or not, I’ll provide the curse link:

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End Plus actually still exists. But it also overrides the Nether.
And End Plus doesn’t look that nice in the End too.

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Oh wait… the download is down. Good thing I have a backup.

Also the original Git is still online:

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Ah right I forgot to add Dropbox and the MC Forums to always allowed Links. Good to know. Fixed your Posts ^^

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Hardcore Ender Expansion is the oldest, most complete and overall mechanics-wise best End rework for 1.7 (and to be fair basically the only one, very few people did anything to revamp the end in the past half a decade, and certainly nobody on the HEE devteam’s level) and I think one of the main reasons alongside several other key mods of why people still play 1.7.


Yeah I was looking for more of an Et Futurum like Mod that actually adds End Islands far away from the Main Island, like vanilla MC has nowadays. :wink:

That said I am already working on integration for HEE.

Okay what the heck is EndPlus doing… Not only does it try to connect to a dead Website (which I assume means the Mod is intentionally dead), it also adds a decorative Block with 8 Obsidian surrounded by an Ender Eye. Anyone feel like that Recipe is familiar? Yeah the vanilla Enderchest has that Recipe…


Can you spot the fake Granite?


Fake granite? the top let blocks I don’t recognize. One thing that has been missing from et futurum is polished stairs, had to use smooth granite stairs which don’t match the floors


Those Top-Middle Granite Types are from EndPlus, the Bottom-Sides Granites are from GT6/EtFuturum/GanysSurface/Chisel.

The ones from EndPlus obviously look like someone shat on them or something. Kinda like a jpg instead of a png.


:rofl: :joy: they do like blurry.


So the End Dimension does not want to be tested at all. Unlike the Nether and the Overworld I cant delete the Region Files to spawn a new End Island. This will make testing a bitch for this.

And I will only do stuff for Hardcore Ender Expansion. End Plus is way too garbage for adding Compat to.

Lets mark this as Solved so it doesn’t autobump itself anymore. ^^


If I recall correctly, that’s because HEE has a way of regenerating the entirety of the end after a certain ritual: this was both added as a way to kill the dragon again before end crystals were added (I think that was around either 1.8 or 1.9) and to add replayability to the End dimension.
The hardcore ender expansion wiki has more detailed information about the process here

And there’s also an entry page for in the ftb wiki here

Hope that helps!

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