Aqua regia water positive?

I could have sworn that the aqua regia loop was water negative, but I just started processing nickel ore with it in a closed loop and it is creating water out of nothing.

Wait, it is also apparently oxygen negative, so it seems to be creating hydrogen out of nothing and consuming oxygen to make water?

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I can confirm that (both about water and oxygen). I just treated it at insignificant and used tantalum-hafnium carbide drums for water/oxygen. To add oxygen and remove water, but very rarely.

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We fixed it, now it actually has 125L of Oxygen coming out of that same Bath though, so make sure you keep track of that.

So oxygen comes both from the bath, and the electrolyzer now? Doesn’t it not really make sense to get both oxygen and nitrogen monoxide from the bath? Since they naturally react with one another to form nitrogen dioxide? Shouldn’t you just get that instead?

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Uhh what? Could you please check out the version before asking? Because you clearly seem to have misunderstood something.

You said right here you made 125L of oxygen come out of the bath. Is this not correct?

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I undid that one now, forgot the bath has only 3 output slots, so 4 outputs kinda don’t fit. Voiding Oxygen it is then.

But how the heck did you understand the 125L of Oxygen in the first place? It did not remove anything else, and I do not get the context of what exactly you even wanted to ask.

I was asking if I understood correctly that oxygen would now come out of the bath, in addition to coming out of the electrolyzer, and so both need to be piped to the nitrogen monoxide mixer. Voiding it isn’t really good. Hrm…

Looking closely at the recipe, the 9750L of aqua regia contains 750L N, 3750L hydrogen, 2250L O, and 3000L Cl. The water accounts for 1500L O, and 3000L of hydrogen. The Nitrogen Monoxide accounts for 750L O and 750L N. The chloroplatanic acid accounts for 1125L H and 3375L Cl. So we appear to have deleted 375L of H and created an extra 375L of Cl.

The electrolyzer appears to ignore the extra Cl and return only 3000L of Cl in the form of HCL. 5125L H goes in but 6000L comes out, so this step is also creating hydrogen.

How did this get to be such a mess? It was balanced correctly before when the electrolyzer put out CL2 and some spare H2 instead of taking in water and putting out HCL wasn’t it? Maybe it just needs to go back to that.

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Hrm… wikipedia says that aqua regia should be 3 parts HCL to 1 part nitric, but the formula in game says it’s 4 parts. The mixer recipe to make it also seems to be wrong since it actually takes 1.6 parts HCL for every 1 nitric acid.

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Why would it really matter that it comes out of different sources? Isn’t that specific for your particular Setup? What do you even use the Electrolyzer for, that you compare it to the Bath??

I am seriously confused which Recipes you run in which Machines. I simply fixed Chloroplatinic Acid from Platinum Ores with Aqua Regia.

Simply because I would need to change my piping to deal with the oxygen coming out of the bath, instead of only from the electrolyzer.

Didn’t you say it still deletes oxygen, and just doesn’t give extra water? I wouldn’t really call that fixed. Or did I misunderstand?

If aqua regia were actually 3000L HCL + 1000L HNO3 => 4000L AR ( the correct ratio ) and the bath only used 1 batch instead of two, that is a total of 1700L H, 200L N, 600L O. In game, chlorplatanic acid says it is PtCl6H2, but according to wikipedia, it should be H6Cl6O2Pt. If we output 400L NO, and use the 1500L of Cl, 1500L H, 500L O to make 3500L of chloroplatanic acid, that leaves 200L H and 100L O left to make 300L of H2O.

The electrolyzer then should return the 3000L of HCL and 500L O2. The 400L of NO + 200L O2 would make 600L NO2. 600L of NO2 + 200L water would make 666L nitric acid plus ~133L NO, which when cycled back with some more oxygen should get the nitric acid… hrm… I don’t think that is quite going to reconstitute the original nitric acid… where did I go wrong?

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You went wrong the moment you forgot the Material Unit Logic of GregTech. Aqua Regia is 1 part HNO3 and 4 parts HCl, which in GregTech terms is 5 HNO3 and 8 HCl. Also I tend to avoid numbers that end in .333 and similar BS at all costs.

Also there was simply a tiny amount of Water that was outputted too much by that one Bath Recipe with Chloroplatinic Acid.

It outputted 375L of Water too much, which is â…śth of a Unit of Water, which resulted in slowly building up Hydrogen from said Water at the cost of the 125L of Oxygen that it did not Output at all due to lack of Slots. The Oxygen is still not outputted (lack of Slots), but the Water Amount is now properly adjusted so that no build up happens.

What? How is 1:4 actually 5:8?

I don’t follow. There was no hydrogen coming out of the bath, so if you just reduced the amount of water, then that gets rid of the extra water, but how does that stop deleting oxygen?

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Didn’t you notice how GregTech handles Molecules most of the time? HNO3 has 5 Atoms total, therefore to get one of each Atom you need 5 Units of HNO3. As for HCl, that is 2, but since we want 4 HCl, it needs to be 8 total. This makes Aqua Regia evenly divisible through its components whenever you have 13 Units of Aqua Regia ready.

It doesn’t stop Oxygen deletion because there isn’t enough Slots for Oxygen (which I clarified I undid the extra Oxygen thing again), but what it DOES do is stopping Water (and therefore Hydrogen) from being generated over time, which resulted in a Storage Problem.

OK, now that I’m thinking about this again while sober, it finally dawned on me. It’s basically stoichyometry from high school chemistry. HCL has a molar mass of 2, and KNO3 of 5, so a 1:4 molecular ratio of them is 5L:8L volumetrically.

How about changing the electrolyzer to make up for the missing oxygen? It already corrects for the chloroplatanic acid having too much Cl in it, so why not this too?

I’m trying to remember how it used to work when it needed one more mixer and a selector tag on zero instead of one. Didn’t the bath give hydrogen instead of water, and all of the oxygen come from the electrolyzer? And didn’t you end up with some extra hydrogen and oxygen left over from water going in somewhere? Or did it just work perfectly in a closed loop?

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And how does the Chloroplatinic Acid get “corrected” by the Electrolyzer?!

Edit: okay i looked at the Recipe in the Electrolyzer for Chloroplatinic Acid, the Recipe is 100% proper without needing any corrections. 15 Units in, 15 Units out. So where is that correction happening you speak of?

I said this the other day:

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Uhh where is the PLATINUM in your calculation? You are dividing the Chloroplatinic Acid by EIGHT instead of NINE, because you forget the unit of Platinum it contains!

Like you went through the effort of calculating everything out to the point of forgetting why this process exists in the first place. XD

Ahh, for some reason I thought that solids did not count toward the volume.

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Why would they not count?! Just because they are Solid??