Any long time Veterans to Gregtech here?

I want to see if I’m one of the few players who first played Gregtech long time ago.

I first started playing back in 2014 when GT4 was closing to its end and saw the development of GT5. I even regularly checked Gregorius’ IC2 forum thread for updates and saw the 2048 page milestone.

I can’t believe that next year will be ten years since I started playing GT and its various versions. Best part of being a long time veteran is that I get to be like “Back in my day…”

Anyone else?



I played since beginning 2013 when GT2 and Ftb Ultimate were “the shit” and made Ic2 “too hard” (there even was a config pack to turn off all the hard recipes). I’ve been playing GT 2 and 3 on and off since then whenever I felt like it. Although I never gotten serious with 6 or 5 this year I’m having the goal to finally master GT6 let’s see how that goes. My Mc account though isn’t as old I cracked minecraft until 2015? I feel stupid for having done that but also I was like 8 years old in 2013 :joy:

I really like Gregtech Its just something about it that I really like… Also it just oozes with charm especially all the little things added.


I remember having GT in one of the early FTB packs, before Monster? Hrm. At the time it added all these lovely grindy dusts to IC2.


I started with ‘GT1’, basically the lightning tower, lol


That one is GT0 lol, GT1 was after that Lightning Rod Single Player Mod XD


Lol, GT0 then, but just the lightning rod. ^.^