Another Problem Concerning Recipe Modification

Another Problem Concerning Recipe Modification

Forgive me for opening another post.I don’t know how to continue asking questions in my original post…
Original post:

Now I know how to add recipe to the GT6 machine.So how can I delete the existing recipe?
Neither the Cureforge nor Github pages of this mod seem to mention how to delete existing recipe.
The recipe I added myself can be easily deleted, but how can the recipe of GT6 be deleted?
I may need to delete all the original recipe and replace them one by one with my own.


Ah I know what you mean, you cant reply to your own thread because you already did so to say “Thanks” and the Forum prevents you from double-posting. Also dont worry about making up new Topics. :wink:

And for your Question, go in /config/Recipes/ and select the Config File corresponding to the Recipe you wanna remove.

Note, that if you have Autogenerated Recipes (like all the Making Plates into Curved Plates Recipes that are nearly identical apart from Material) you need to look at them in NEI once first (or just craft them) before you see the Config Entry for them after closing your Game. ^^


I can’t understand what you mean…
I browsed through a cfg with something like “BlockDustPaper;_16”=16
Should I change this 16?What does it represent?

Oh I see.This number seems to be the time required for this recipe.
I changed it to - 1 and there’s no recipe for it.


Oh right , change it to 0 or to a negative number, that should work indeed. ^^

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If it’s convenient for you, can you give me some MTUsentences you use? So that I can check where I’m wrong… Thank you very much!


I haven’t found any details about MTUtils.Only a little bit of testing
For example, I would like to modify the recipe of Mortar.
I wrote this down:
import mods.MTUtilsGT;
MTUtilsGT.addCustomRecipe(“gt.recipe.mortar”, false, 1, 2, [10000], [minecraft:bedrock], [minecraft:diamond]);

Then I can use bedrock to make diamond in mortar.This recipe uses 1GU/t and takes 2 ticks.
But I don’t know what false, [10000] stands for.Modifying them doesn’t seem to have changed.
If you want to set up a recipe that contains fluids,use this:
MTUtilsGT.addCustomRecipe(“gt.recipe.bath”, false, 1, 2, [10000], [minecraft:bedrock], liquid:soda*500, liquid:water*500, [minecraft:diamond]);

Then I can use bedrock and soda to make diamond and water in bath.
Because there is so little information, I don’t know how to do something.For example,Crucible Alloying.
I wrote this down:
MTUtilsGT.addCustomRecipe(“gt.recipe.cruciblealloying”, false, 128, 256, [10000,20000], [customthings:item, customthings:item], [minecraft:diamond]);

customthings:item” is something I made with other mods.The recipe was successfully added, but the NEI showed a temperature of 0k.I don’t know how to change the temperature.
What should I do? Where can I get more information?

Another problem:
I added an anvil recipe.It can work normally.
But if I put an anvil on something I made with other mods.
There’s nothing on the anvil, just like there’s nothing on it.
Although this does not affect the recipe output items.But it feels strange.

It seems that I wrote too much. Thank you for reading.



Oh, the Anvil probably ended up displaying a void texture or something, that’s not intended. Gonna be fixed.


So, what should I do about the crucible alloying recipe problem I mentioned above?


Oh sorry, I skipped over the MT-Utils Lines you gave assuming they were for explaining.

As for Crucible Alloying, MT-Utils doesn’t work for that as far as I know, as there is a non-NEI Recipe Handler where I just added Fake Recipes so people can see what ratios to use for the Crucible.

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That is to say, MT-Utils does not support modifying this recipe. The added recipe is only used for display in NEI?
It’s a pity. But thank you for your reply.
I will try to set up the game flow according to the original recipe.^^


When I write import mods.MTUtilsGT;
MTUtilsGT.addCustomRecipe(“gt.recipe.mortar”,false,1,2,[10000],[ minecraft:bedrock ],[ minecraft:diamond ]); in MTUtils,The recipe do not work.


Because this is the right thing to do.

import mods.MTUtilsGT;
MTUtilsGT.addCustomRecipe("gt.recipe.mortar", false, 1, 2, [10000], [<minecraft:bedrock>], [<minecraft:diamond>]);

“<” and “>” seem to be recognized by the forum as what code, not shown.


< and > are Discourse/Markdown message delimeters, and as such they need to be escaped via \, or if it is code (which that is) then code fences should always be used instead (no escapes needed). ^.^


Having dug through MTUtils in order to custom my pack, I agree the docs could use upgrading.

The [10000] is a list of chances for the item outputs to be made (in hundredths of percent). Setting it to any smaller number gives a chance that output won’t happen. (i.e. 5000 for 50% failure to output)

That false part is exposing a recipe optimization flag, that if I’m understanding the RM correctly, gets set internally when the database is re-ordered for faster use. It should just be false without option for tweaked-in recipes like MTUtils creates.


Does entered it, but in the game the recipe doesn’t load. this still seem to work for me?