Alternate Terrain Generation

Hello! How can you implement gregtech 6 compatibility with this mod? Can there be a configuration for gregtech 6 compatibility?

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Uh, what is wrong with ATG that we would need that in the first place? Is something bugged or so? Doesn’t ATG just change the Terrain Generator, similar to how RTG does it, but with different Biome Handling?

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I am creating the world and I do not see such different types of stones, on the surface and underground.

Rechecked. So it is, if you leave only the GT6 and ATG, then everything is correct. So some other mod interfered with normal generation.

Thank you!!!

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I would like to know which other Mod that was. That would be nice. :wink:

Unless it is PFAA, then I know what happened. You might need to have CustomOreGen installed for PFAA to work.

I also need to change something in the default config pack because it seems to screw over PFAA, which I did not intend to happen.

Yes, it was PFAA.
At the same time, I tried to install it with CustomOreGen, and your config. But all the same, vanilla stone with gt6 sprinkles begins to acquire.

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Yeah my Default Config Pack breaks PFAA Worldgen from CustomOreGen, I need to remove the CustomOreGen Part of the Default Config Part and then everything should be fixed. ^^