Alloy Crucibles

A crucible for making alloys that can be divided into ratios such as stainless steel.
All can be made with items from Gregtech6.
Place the hopper on top of the crucible and place the Redstone Repeater on top of the hopper with delay 3.
A wire is extended from the thermometer on the front and connected to the repeater with a redstone torch.
These have the ability to count items, and in the image, the item will only enter the crucible when it is above 2200K.

Use Item O Meter to specify the ratio. (In the image, the alloy is divided into 4:3:1:1.)

Use the thermometer attached to the crucible to extinguish the fire and pour the metal into the mold.
If you are using gas or fluid fuel, you will need to put a repeater on the function to extinguish the fire and set it so that the fire does not go out at the same time as the item goes in.


Sorry… if you look closely, you will see that I forgot to connect the wires in some places.