Acids and Air - Working through the tech tree

Hi All, loving the new axles and gearboxes but i’ve stalled a little in my tech tree.

I’m trying to find a way to make hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid without electricity. I know you can make sulfur trioxide from Gypsum and with that sulfuric acid and then hydrochloric but i’m a little sparce in Gypsum and was wondering if there was another way around it? Was hoping to get Chlorine from the surrounding NaCl deposits but that can’t be done without an electrolyzer.

I understand real life production of hydrochloric acid was originally done by reacting KCL with green vitriol, aka iron sulfate and later mass production of sulfuric acid was done using something called a lead chamber process. Course I don’t have any iron sulfate lying around either.

On another note my roasting oven requires air to function and I can’t for the life of me work out how to get air into the thing, any suggestions?


For the Air attach a Vent Cover on it, should only cost Steel to craft.

KCl + Green Vitriol? Interesting. I might do that if it works out.


If you like that then you should look up some of the other early recipes for producing acids,

Oil of vitriol, sulfuric acid, could be created by roasting sulfur and potassium nitrate in presence of steam or by roasting green vitriol in an iron retort.

Can you produce or mine iron sulfate in-game? I can’t remember, you should be able to get it by roasting pyrite FeS2 to get iron(III)sulfate Fe2(SO4)3 which when heated to about 750K or so gives FeO2 and SO3 iron oxide and sulfur trioxide.