Achievement of GregTech 6

Because the techtree of GT6 is very complex, and there are no instructions like other mods, the players don’t know what to do next. I think like some other adventure mod achievement systems to show the progress of the adventure, the achievement system to more intuitive expression of the techtree, but also let players know what to do next.

The following are some of my achievements:
Burn up:Crafting a burning box
Smelt it:Crafting a Crucible
Bronze Age:Alloying Bronze by Crucible
Boiling Point:Crafting a Boiler
Piston motion:Crafting a Engine
F=mv^2/r :Crafting a Centrifuge
Double bonus:Crafting a Crusher
Harder than iron:Alloying Steel by Crucible
Mixed:Crafting a Mixer
More dense!:Crafting a Compressor
This is not Coke Cola:Successful construction a Coke Oven
Patience wait…:Crafting a Crystallization Crucible
Oil Refinery:Successful construction a Distillation Tower
Electric Age:Crafting a Dynamo
Processing…:Successfully product a circuit

In addition, some hidden achievements can be made as Easter eggs:
Fool’s Gold:Dig a piece of pyrite ore disguised as gold ore
Water Pollution:Extraction of mercury from centrifuging fish oil
Some achievements that may serve as “challenges”:
Lucky Day:Sift out a legendary gem
What this is?:Find a GT Dungeon
Garnet Collector:Collect all types of garnet(Almandine,Andradite,Grossular,Spessartite,Pyrope and Uvarovite)
Beryl Collector:Collect all types of beryl(Emerald,Aquamarine,Morganite,Goshenite,Bixbite,Heliodor and Maxixe)
Sapphire Collector:Collect all types of sapphire(normal,blue,green,orange,yellow,purple and ruby)