A question about the mod system of Mechaenetia

So my question is, what will the scripting language of mods be? I don’t know much about Rust, but as far as i know, dynamically loading code with it works the same way as with C++ (which is the only language that I currently know). In other words you can only use like .ddl or .so files which are meant for loading libraries not small mods and are platform dependent. So some kind of interpreted language (e.g. Lua) or half compiled, half interpreted (e.g. C#) will be required.


A combination of Rust, WASM, TOML Files (for Configs), CSV Files (since lots of Data can be loaded) and maybe some other TXT Files. And I’m gonna learn getText for Languages, so I guess whichever that is using.

The Model Editor will use something I made myself, though you will also be able to load other Model Types,though I didnt decide on that format yet. ^^