A few problems with Funky Locomotion

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  1. There seems to be a power conversion problem when transferring from GT6 to FL. When I put in a Battery Box (MV) and put in a Battery with a capacity of 256000 EU, this Battery is discharged to 215040 EU. When I put the Frame Pusher next to the Battery Box, the Battery drops to 207360 EU. The Frame Pusher only consumes 7680 EU to fully charge, while the GT6 changelog says it should consume 64000 EU to fully charge. The presence or absence of CoFHLib does not affect this problem.
    I also tried gregtech_1.7.10-6.10.25 (the first version that claims to be FL compatible). If CoFHLib is not installed, no power is transferred at all. With CoFHLib installed, Frame Pusher consumes 64000 EU to fully charge.

  2. This problem is not related to GT6. When FL is installed along with IC2 Classic, Minecraft crashes during boot. The crash log says something about “Caught exception from IC2 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ic2/rfIntigration/tiles/converters/RF/LowRFConverter”. CoFHLib solves this problem.

  3. Visual bugs when moving GT6 blocks. At the beginning of the move, additional elements disappear on some sides of the GT6 blocks, leaving bare metal walls. At the moment of stop, these blocks disappear for a fraction of a second and after appearing they look correct.

  4. This problem is not related to GT6. There are reports on the FL github about a problem with chunkloaders. There is an unofficial build that fixes this issue:
    Releases · bit2shift/FunkyLocomotion · GitHub
    Might be worth adding a link to this build on the GT6 download page.

  1. The Battery Box ITSELF also contains some of the Power based on its Output Tier. That is what you are seeing.

  2. Guess I need to ping @Speiger for that second one.

  3. Yeah this has to be that way, there is a LOT of things required to move TileEntities, and it only gets worse with the way I was forced to hack GT6 TileEntities together. But hey, at least it works even if it does not look too good.

  4. Ah yeah should probably link their Github if possible instead of that cursed website that maliciously advertises gambling to children with a literal dozen ads per individual mod downloaded.


I know the Battery Box has its own storage besides the inserted batteries. Although I forgot that the charge of this storage can be checked using the Progress Sensor. But I’m not sure if the transfer of power from the Battery Box to the Frame Pusher is working correctly. Frame Pusher has 256_000 RF storage, how much EU does it take to fill it? The GT6 changelog says it should be 64_000, but in practice it’s about 6_400 (that’s how much the inserted battery drops when I put the Frame Pusher next to the Battery Box).

And in case the author of IC2 Classic comes here, I described a couple more problems in the 1.7.10 version:

  1. When Waila and CoFHLib are installed, a tooltip appears at the top of the screen showing the amount of Redstone Flux in the block. And according to this tip, when the Electric Flux Generator receives EU, it converts 1 EU into 40 RF, and then when it gives RF, it loses 90 percent. As a result, Electric Flux Generator converts 1 EU to 4 RF. This is a bit of a strange way of working, could it be that the tooltip does not work correctly?

  2. Electric blocks from IC2 Classic explode when they get too much power. The problem is that, judging by the crater from the explosion, the center of the explosion does not coincide with the exploded block. The center of the explosion is always shifted 1 block to the south and east.


Oh yeah Funky Locomotion has hardcoded Power Conversion specific for that Mod (I had to because their RF API was broken). There is a 10x Factor in my conversion function, because the Power draw was ridiculous.

I will ping Speiger on IRC about this Issue, this will probably work better on getting him here.


As we discussed on discord/IRC.

The bug is on Funky Lokomotion side where it distributes the wrong API for IC2Classic with it.
This causes the API (or the failsafe Greg insisted on being implemented that would have resulted in the same crash) to trigger my RF Integration to load and crash because the faulty API didn’t include what was required.

This can be easily fixed by either installing Cofh RF API or by simply turning of the “RedstoneFlux” plugin in the config. (Which by the way if i did it how greg wanted it wouldn’t exist)

Anyways I declare this not as a IC2C bug as I did everything as it should have been done.
(And i got yelled at multiple times TO NEVER EVER DISTRIBUTE A DIFFERENT MODS API so i abide by that law that Overmind/Greg have force feed me over the years and say Funky Locomotion needs to fix this. Malicious Compliance >:)

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It is an IC2C Bug due to you using RF API Parts that are bugged in 1.7.10, due to CoFH refactoring their API Interfaces in the middle of the 1.7.10 lifecycle.

So stop using the Energy Emitter and Receiver Interfaces of the RF API and instead use IEnergyHandler to fix your Issue.

You would know that if you actually listened to the end of that Conversation, instead of just pretending to :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t know if I should mark the problem as solved so it doesn’t get bumped.

@Speiger What about two other problems in IC2 Classic that I wrote about in a previous post?
I tested the explosions of the IC2C electrical blocks again and this time the explosions were only shifted to the south, not to the east. Perhaps my previous test was not correct.


I’ll mark this issue as solved so it won’t bump again.


I already center that logic.
Its most likely that the Explosion code has a bias towards a direction.
But i am not touching that code because if i try to “fix” that, i will 99% surely break something different.

So yeah aware, but this won’t change much.

About the API interface:
Yeah i might change it, but the API is still delivered in the offical cloth package so it means that one is fine xD
I will upgrade it when the next patch comes. Which is maybe in the next 6-12 months.
1.7.10 has a long cooldown atm.