A few minor things/bugs

Hey Greg.
While impure dusts should mostly be a thing of the past, one common way of getting them is from hammering or crushing End Stone (from Loader_Recipes_Vanilla_OreDict). Is that intended? While it’s one route for getting ender pearl dust if you need it, you end up with a bunch of impure dust that you can only wash in the cauldron. Same with netherrack, now that I look…

All my GT circuits show up as “Mod: Unknown (But definitely not GregTech)”, which is a bit funny.

And Compat_Recipes_AppliedEnergistics removes the certus/quartz wrench recipes, with no alternatives or config settings (that I’ve found, atleast), which is a bit annoying as the wrenches are used to make the AE2 Network Tool and the ThaumicEnergistics AE2 wrench wand focus.


Yes mostly, but for Stone, Bedrock, Netherrack and Endstone it still exists.

Wait WHAT? Pics or it didn’t happen. XD (I will check later too, but this must be a funny bug)

Do those Wrenches normally have Durability? I will set that Max Durability to 1 then, so its only useful for Recipes like those.

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I didn’t check with just a minimal mod setup to see if it was something else causing it. but I doubt some other mod would be touching the GT circuits. still funny.

No, they’re like most other BC compatible wrenches; no durability loss for picking up cables, tanks, etc. Iirc the AE2 network tool itself also functions as a BC wrench. I’m not really sure what the best way of solving this is.


Well, I made them craftable again, but they will instantly break once you use them for anything GT related.

:gregory: This Version should probably be working for you. ^^

(note 1: The scary sounding Description is only there to make sure people don’t use that Version lightly.)

(note 2: if you use this Version more often, make sure your Browser didn’t cache the Download)