A bug on GregTech6 and Opencomputers

When I play a Modpacks with GregTch6 and opencomputers, I find that the circuit board of opencomputers can be replaced by GT circuit board.

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But when I put it in disassembler, I found that it was possible to get the GregTech6 circuit board instead of the opencomputers circuit board.

And the circuit board of opencomputers is easier to make than GregTech circuit board.

I hope to solve this problem.(please do not delete disassembler or opencomputers circuit board, because this will make material consumption very large > < )

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But that is the only way for me to fix it, either remove the cheap circuit board recipe, remove the circuit board compat or remove the disassembler.

Do you have any Suggestions how I could fix it without doing either of those 3 things? ^^


Can you remove the compatibility of the opencomputers circuit board ?


That would make sense for me, though personally I’d prefer removing the cheap recipe instead. Maybe a config option, default to removing the cheap recipe so as to keep compat?


well, remove the cheap circuit board formula

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