2.5 quick questions (I hope so)

Hi all,
I still play with the Modpack configuration and checking Gregtech_1.
So there are my questions
1.1) new bedrock ores/fluids began to be located around the center of the chunk, and I get the impression that this chunk is now always loaded. Is that so?
1.2) I also noticed that by bringing a pipe from a chunk with a source of oil/lava for a 10 chunks far, a stream is going on the pipe, although, according to my logic, the pipe should be unloaded from the server memory and the movement should stop, but its not, why is that?(yes i know about “area” of loaded chunks around the player, and “trace” of loaded chunks after him, i checked that too)
2) Is there any way to release GT liquids into the world, those that cannot be scooped up with a bucket (hot spring water, oil, gas)? I strongly believe there was something like “vice-versa-drain”(probably powered by electricity) but cannot find any now…

oh almost forgot!
3) why there is Battery Boxes much over the EV tier, but the batteries only tier EV, i mean, those batboxes will not work without inserted “something” anyway, right?

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The Chunk should not “always be loaded” due to the Spring, if that is the case then that would be a Bug. Are you SURE it is loaded?

As for that Pipe, if it is a normal Pipe there might be leftovers inside the Pipe that keep flowing slowly.

No there is not a way to place GT6 Fluids. Except maybe the Buildcraft Floodgate, I had to implement something to prevent it from doing Ocean Water and the likes, but I did not prevent Oil, so it should work.

And Batboxes exist for the sake of existing. Not to mention I recently, and by that I mean “I still didnt release that Version, because I’m too busy with playing Stellaris” add something that at least emits IV in a Batbox.

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Thanks for answers, great!
We will double check chunks force loading due to springs and i will post the results

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For the fluids placing

floodgate works!
so i able to create that useful healing pods:

and even this pretty suffering chamber

where you can’t die of thirst due to powerful hot spring healing :joy:

please don’t remove the flood gate ability to spread liquids around…

For the new bedrock springs and loaded chunks:

my test was:

  1. check server’s forcedchunks.dat 147B - BC quarry(my base)
  2. destroying quarry
  3. forcedchunks.dat 22B - empty list
  4. place 128 small bronze pipes from lava source to barrels (4*256kL) e.g. 8 chunks far
  5. restarting the server and wait for 30 minutes(no one in there)
  6. check the barrels: 256 + 224 = 480kL of lava in the barrels (pipes have 34kL total capacity)

Thoughts: Looks like the lava source keeps loaded, and pipes keeps loaded, thats really strange actually
I’m trying to understand why some places keeps loaded, and how to get control over this process.
Spawn point 1.5k cubes away, so shouldn’t interfere
What should I do next, thinking of getting chikenchunks and check with them