Wrong quantity of Sapphire Boule recipe

It takes 10 units of alumina (9.666 unit molten alumina + 3 Tiny Pile alumina dust) to make a sapphire Boule with no colors, but a sapphire Boule only contains 4 units of alumina. Obviously there is a problem…


Phew, that goes the voidy way instead of the infinite loop. But it is fixed now. ^^

Also a Sapphire Boule does not contain 4 Units of Alumina, its 4 Units of Sapphire. There is a big difference in the Ratio, because 5 Alumina = 6 Sapphire. This means the Recipe SHOULD have outputted 3 Boules instead of one.

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Also, the Yellow sapphire Boule needs rutile dust instead of titanium dust

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It being made with Titanium Dust is intended.

Uh…I mean rutile dust should be used instead of titanium dust

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That Rutile is only there because of avoiding an exploit. Titanium is the correct one.