Some stone dusts cannot be used to make asphalt

Today, I inadvertently checked the asphalt recipe and found that some stone dusts can not be used to make asphalt, including black granite, red granite, granite, prismarines, slate, netherrack and endstone. Why can’t they be used to make asphalt? Is it because you accidentally forgot, or did you do it on purpose?
In addition, it suddenly occurred to me that Mars and other space stones have no separation recipe like moonturf and moonrock, but ordinary stones (I saw them when I checked the asphalt recipe, and then suddenly remembered this thing).


Oops, how did I manage to forget those…
Fixed those in Code just now.

Yes there is already a TODO about that one…

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You’ve been procrastinating for too long… I remember mentioning this at the beginning of this year, and the todo annotation in the code has always existed.