Some questions in GT6

What I wondered while playing GT6.

  1. The ore that cannot be crushed is collected from hematite Bedrock vein.
    Using a hammer seems to get a Brown Clay Dust. Is this the expected behavior?

  2. Why does the Logistics Core function have Item Regurator but not Fluid Regurator?

  3. The refined ore shredder recipe comes with 27 1/72nd of a Piles of dust, so Even with large shredder, only two parallel processes are performed.
    There is little benefit to using a large shredder.
    Am I not using the large shredder correctly?

  4. A steam cracker has a maximum liquid capacity of 2000 liters, but shouldn’t it store as much steam as an autoclave?
    By the way, I exploded the boiler due to this. :laughing:

I’m sorry if I don’t understand because I don’t speak English.


Ahh nice:

  1. Well thank you for noticing, that is clearly a Mini Bug.
  2. Because usually it was not needed to regular Fluids. I might add it if it is trivial enough to do so.
  3. Is the large Shredder producing in Parallel because of Performance or because of speed? If it is because Performance then it does not matter, if it is Speed then it does. Does it take longer when you insert 64 of something as opposed to 1 of something? In that case it would be Performance.
  4. The Capacities match the demand of Steam, and the Cracker takes less. :stuck_out_tongue: