Some Multi Block suggestions

1 Multi Block smelter.It can Coordination with Batch Mixer Alloy production.
2 Multi Block fermenter.This makes it convenienter to ferment methane.
3 Multi Block crusher ore-washer
In addition, I saw from Patreon your plan to stop refitting Minecraft. Will GT6 be basically finished before then?
Finally, my question about nuclear fusion is, @Gregorius says that those crystal processor blocks will be used to build nuclear fusion. Can you give us more details about this? Many friends around me and I are looking forward to it!

  1. I am not sure about the Smelter, considering thanks to the Mixer being Multiblock you can place multiple Smelters (one for each Material) next to the Mixer.
  2. Damn I didnt think about the Fermenter either, there definitely needs to be a Multiblock for that one!
  3. Yes I did think of those two already, still thinking which shape I am gonna give those two.
  4. It is still 8 Months until I “mostly” drop Minecraft Modding, and the last two weeks were rather productive so I guess if I can keep that up, we will be fine.
  5. I dont have much Details about the Fusion Stuff yet, just that the Crystal Processors are intended for the Super High Tech Stuff. Maybe also for a Multiblock Matterfabricator later down the line.

I am happy to hear that!


Greg, I found a problem: large electric oven, bath and coagulator will not change the texture after the completion of the construction, which makes it impossible to judge whether the construction is successful from the appearance. This has caused some troubles…