[Request][NOT IMPORTANT] CompatibilityPatch for DynamicTrees

[Request][NOT IMPORTANT] CompatibilityPatch for DynamicTrees

Hey Greg,

Im actually playing with DynamicTrees and would like to Request a Feature.

The Problem:

When you want to Cut a Tree you need more than 2 Minutes to do so (And you need a half axe for it)

The Issue itself:
I think DynamicTree uses a script which increase Hardness compared to the Log Count and i think you use a similar script which sums to the end.

The Solution? -> Hopefully

Disable your Cutting Script when DynamicTrees is installed? No idea if its that easy but i think thats the problem.


So what exactly is DynamicTrees doing? Does it Treecapitate and Stuff?

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It adds a new way how Tree grows and uses its own Treecapitate. But im not sure if its the issue.


Link to the Mods Download Page? :slight_smile:

I try to stay un-ambiguous with Mods and maybe I would end up searching and finding the wrong one if you dont give me the Link :wink:

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Oh yeah, sorry man.

Here you go


I will look at the Mod soon, currently busy with Aether Stuff. ^^

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PUNS! ^.^

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wait what puns? I didnt do any puns afaik?!

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Aether/Other Stuff. ^.^


Okay now that I saw that Screenshot you linked I think I am just gonna disable my Treecapitation for everything except for GT6 Trees, even if there is a Config to make GT6 Trees work, it wouldn’t work on Maple or Rubber Trees.

Or does its Treecapitation also affect GT6 Trees?

From my reading it only effects it’s own trees.

It only replaces Vanilla Trees (and vanilla trees can still spawn and it won’t effect those).

And there are addon mods to replace trees in certain other mods, like Biomes o’ Plenty.

Regardless it only ever effects it’s own trees (trees that use its API specifically*), not even the trees it replaces that can still spawn normally.

So you should keep yours working on any trees that aren’t of one of it’s class type Block subclass.

And heck, you should call it to let it make it’s version of your trees too! That would be awesome!!

Or better yet, subsume it’s functionality! ^.^

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Totally agree! Sadly the Mod eat so much performance but its so fancy and a good addition to GT6.

The GT6 Trees cut as normal.


That’s what a powerful server for it to run on is for! :grin:

But there is no GT6 Server hosted afaik :b

InForum IRC would be nice.

I would prefer the IRC not to be broadcasted to the Forums, that would feel way too public, if you wanna join the IRC channel its #gt-dev on irc.esper.net. :wink:

There’s a few of them bear runs, some other people run some, I occasionally run one, but I mean just setting a server up on an unused good cpu computer of your own.

I dont like Bear’s Modpacks :slight_smile:

Yeah, sadly i have such a bad uplink so i can’t host one. My Hardware is just fine but yeah i live in a very small village. Or do you mean because of the Simulation/Script to have no client laggs?

Bears had a lot of odd setup, but that’s because his server goers demand it.

And I mean a server for yourself at your own place. Even when I’m playing by myself I’ll still spool up a server on another computer then just connect to it over the local network. By having it do all the background processing makes the client buttery smooth. :grin:


Okay Dynamic Trees + GT6 Treecapitating got fixed for the next Version now. Also added Dynamic Trees to the List of Compatible Mods on the Download Page.

Next Version will come up somewhen tomorrow as far as I can guess. ^^