Machines do not work

Normal invar b.boxes + boilers, bronze engine and bronze crusher with a random ore inside (16KU/t required). I’m using large invar pipes to put distilled water in, normal invar pipes to get the steam out. The setup is symmetrical, with the engine in the middle.

EDIT: I’m gonna try a tin alloy engine, since that can take slightly more steam than the bronze one I’m hoping that it can keep up with 3 invar boilers without overheating


Two invar boilers should be consuming 24 hu/t if I remember, I think invar outputs 48 steam/t? so say 96 steam/t to a bronze engine, bronze engine should push 48 ku/t same as the dense boiler setup.
Correct me if I’m wrong I’m writing from memory just now.

so at that 3 invar boilers should be 144 steam/t reaching 72 ku/t that would overshoot the bronze steam engine limit of 64 ku/t I think, right? Was your piping longer yesterday or something.

Also I might be off on my figures somewhere.


oh use a magnifying glass to check steam pressure at different pipes, see if there is a difference.


No, invar boilers produce 32 steam/t, so 3 of them produce 96 steam/t, exactly the upper limit of the bronze engine. Anyway, the tin engine is at the red but hasn’t stopped yet. It’s less efficient than the bronze one and requires one extra invar boiler, so I’ll check which setup is faster.

EDIT: alright, the 3 boilers + tin alloy engine setup is faster, about x1.3 the speed of the other, which is what I was expecting. Since I want to burn more coal to get dark ashes faster I’m going to build that in my world


Nuts, right OK I’ll need to go do some research and calculations later.


I think the upper limit of an engine is 1 steam/t lower than the tooltip says, because that would explain a lot


I fired up the twin dense bronze boiler setup the other day and read 575 steam on the pipe furthest from the engine and 192 in the other so I’m definitely missing something. I would have assumed the max the pipe should have reached with a steam engine attached was 384 steam/t.


I used in my Creative testing world this:
2x Steel Burning Box -> 2x Steel boiler -> Steel pipe -> Steel steam engine -> Bronze crusher.