InGame info about ore generation

I would very much like to see information about the new generation of ores in the game. The only information on the topic in the wiki, but the wiki often does not keep up with the mod. Maybe in the form of books located around the world?
Information on the old generation could be looked in the config (will the new generation be managed through the config in the future?).


Yeah I had difficulties making the current Worldgen configurable. As for ingame Information, I thought of it as more of a science thing for people to find out by themselves. The proper way to search for Ores is finding Small Rocks on the Surface, and not by trying to dig horizontally through the world.

It is a complicated System where if a Stone Layer has an Ore, then the Ore is almost everywhere inside that Stone Layer, unless the height restrictions are not kept. Then there is the Ores that generate when a specific Stone Layer is above a specific other Stone Layer at a specific Height.

And then there is Ores that are just small (like from the old Worldgen).

There is a bunch of real life geology at works in this newer System. :wink: