I ordered myself a proper Linux Smartphone

I ordered myself a Smartphone that runs actual proper Linux and not Android Garbage.

Key Features of the Pine Phone for me include:
  • The ability to just use hardware switches to shut off things like Camera, Microphone, WiFi, Cellular or GPS, if they are not in use by me.
  • All Parts of the Phone are replaceable if they break (especially the Battery), and each part can be ordered on their Site (including the Motherboard).
  • The use of a proper Operating System as mentioned before.
  • And that the current batch they produce happens to be KDE themed. XD

Please note that this kind of Phone is REALLY just for people who actually know how to Linux, and that I am getting it simply because I can deal with that kind of Stuff.
And if some minor parts are broken, like maybe a dead pixel on the screen, difficulty connecting to my local Cellular/LTE, or something, that I do not have much of a problem with that, and am willing to replace parts myself, help them debugging connection Issues, or wait for a software update to fix things.

Also they do have some delivery problems thanks to Corona (often no Planes available), so a wait time typical for Ship based shipping is expected (and I think it is cheaper right now because they dont deliver the typical accessories with the phone right now, but I could be mistaken, who knows, I will see whenever its delivered, I dont “need” the USB C dongle anyways).

That said 50$ VAT for a “cheap” phone is a fucking lot. I never realized just how much 19% VAT is actually taken from the price of a product.

As for the SIM Card, I asked my mom if I could borrow hers for testing, before I buy myself the SIM Card I would want. And ofcourse I will test at night when nobody in their right mind would call her.

That is gonna be fun to play around and get it to work, without the proprietary garbage or google bullshit all other Phones have. :smiley:

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