GT6 Scaffolds drop a ghost duplicate when placed at a location without support


Affected version: GregTech 6.14.09
Also, I’m playing singleplayer if it matters.

I made a Bronze Scaffold and tried to place it on a wall, 1 block above the floor. The scaffold placed itself there, but then immediately broke because there was no support beneath it (as expected). Oddly enough though, it dropped two Bronze Scaffold items. I could only pick one of them up. The one I couldn’t pick up stuck around forever (it never despawned, even after 5 minutes had passed). After traveling to another dimension and back, the ghost scaffold was gone.

I should also mention, I noticed if you attach any covers to a scaffold, the scaffold will still have the covers attached if you dismantle it with a wrench, but if the scaffold collapses in the way I described above, the covers fall off, as if you had pried them off with a crowbar (not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior).


I will look into the Scaffolds checking their structure Clientside by accident. Because that is the only way that could happen. Should be fixed next Version. ^^