GT6 Bumblebees Problems

I recently started to test with GT6 bumblebees and encountered several questions:

  1. I saw ‘humidity’ as one parameter of bumblebees, but I didn’t see any sensors relating to humidity.
  2. What is the function of ‘Advanced Beehive’, except it is smaller in size than the normal beehives?
  3. Which bee families can be found in natural landscape and which bee families can only be produced through hybridization?
  4. What are the principles of hybridization? It is not in NEI so it is really hard to do. Thx
  1. You can use the Bumbliary as a sensor for that. Humidity is a per Biome thing.
  2. You can actually use Hoppers on it to extract the Stuff.
  3. That would require you to go through the Changelog and read all the Bumble Spoilers that are written in reverse.
  4. The Highest Tier of Bumblebees of each corresponding species have to be mixed to make a Hybrid Species.

Thank you. What is the Bumbliary?


Also…I have another two questions. Sorry

  1. Is the bee able to sense the flowers below the y-axis that their beehive is at?
  2. What defines a ‘Inside’ environment?

Apiary but for Bumblebees! :smiley:

Yes, 3 blocks for normal, 1 block for advanced, so a 7x7x7 or 3x3x3 cube centered around the Hive respectively. Yes automating it decreases Range for Lag reduction and more predictability.

Also I noticed the Bumbliary is missing some Tooltips. Gonna be fixed soon.


Understood. Thank you.