Geiger counter sensor max too low

I planned to use Geiger counter to stop at 18000 NU/t, but… max is 9999. That’s Co-60, liquid sodium and moderation for quickly burning through Co-60.
Also, gibbl-o-meter allows max 9999, while large invar boiler is 20480 gibbl when pressure arrow is pointing up.


I am pretty sure the Max is 65535, as in 0xFFFF. Maybe set it to Hexadecimal with the Screwdriver pointed directly at the display Field.

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Interesting idea, it may work. But then whole my base would be somewhat radioactive. Decisions, decisions…

I’m doing this to get uranium-238 from spent Co-60. To later breed it to Pu-239 to use as real fuel. I modified GT6 to give no uranium through worldgen, including byproducts of byproducts. Fun my way :slight_smile: Also, no coal/lignite, no coke ovens, no natural gas. Only what nature gives and limited oil. Drained 5 oil pockets so far (of 6 found).


Hexadecimal for geiger counter worked.