Dust Funnels will pull from exact / divisible size GT6 Hoppers above them, ignoring the exact / divisible setting


Affected version: GregTech 6.14.09

So, I wanted to make a simple machine to turn my “Tiny Piles of <Material> Dust” into “<Material> Dust”. I figured, I can accomplish this by stacking 3 blocks on top of one another (in order of bottom to top):

  • A chest.
  • A Dust Funnel, monkey-wrenched to output normal Dust-sized piles.
  • A GT6 hopper, set to emit a divisible stacksize of 9.

To make this work, you would dump your tiny dusts into the hopper, and when the hopper contains at least one stack of Tiny Dusts of size 9x + y (where x≥1 and y≥0), it would move 9x of those into the dust funnel, and the dust funnel would emit x normal Dust-sized piles.

However, when I tried it out, it didn’t work - the entire stack of items was being moved into the dust funnel. I thought at first the exact / divisible stacksize feature of the hoppers was broken at first, but I figured out what was actually happening was that the dust funnel was pulling items out of the hopper, which completely ignores the stacksize setting.

On the one hand, this makes sense because the dust funnel is a specialized hopper itself, but on the other hand it seems counter-intuitive for it to ignore the stacksize setting on the hopper. I’m currently working around it by placing a pipe inbetween the hopper and the dust funnel, but I feel like the better solution here would be to not allow the dust funnel to pull items out of hoppers.


Could just use a barrel, which will auto-combine things (if I recall right) like tiny’s put into a barrel that holds full dusts, then pull out what you need.


The Barrel wont work that well as a Dust Funnel, you cant make it select “full dust” as a target, like you can with a Dust Funnel.

Anyways fixed Hoppers and Queue Hoppers in the upcoming Version so they dont allow pulling from their Output Facing.