Astatine in real life is very radioactive

I did some mining in Mars.

DuraniumHexaastatide ore has much Astatine-209. Wikipedia says it’s half life is 5.41 hours… So it’s probably more radioactive than naquadria. Mostly beta decay to some other unstable isotope (so like Co-60 - doesn’t output neutrons).

Fun, isn’t it? :wink:


Ah yeah, a lot of Radioactive Stuff doesn’t have that “Enchantment” I use to assign Radioactivity. Gonna add it for that Element though. :wink:


I added Astatine fuel rods to my GT6 branch. And built a reactor.
Fuel rod stats:

  1. Self: 166
  2. Other: 0
  3. Durability: 30 minutes (all fuel rods have 10 times lower duration in my world, so this differs from what commit message says)

Anyone knows how to make a redstone clock which can output for 5 seconds every 30 seconds? Currently I’m using chronometer sensor, which outputs for 100 seconds every minecraft day… That wastes distilled water (boiler heatup phase).
I have this problem because automation can extract depleted fuel rods from reactor only when that reactor is inactive.


I finally made a clock from 2 hoppers, 2 item pipes, item-o-meter sensor and 30 sandstone. This part of reactor automation done.