Add another way to get tritium

In industrial craft2, it added Fuel Rod (Lithium).
It can be used in its nuclear reactor to get Fuel Rod (Tritium) by absorbing neutron from common fuel rod.
You can not use it with only IC2 because it did not have any recipe about it.But GT5 added a recipe in extractor to get tritium.
Now proton and neutron has replaced UU matter.
Every element have its neutron and proton ratio.
The adamantium is about 2.6.
However, there seldom have a well heavy element choice to get much more neutron.
The tritium is 2, so it is a good neutron source.
Now the way to get the tritium is using centrifuge.
Why not add the lithium and tritium fuel rod in GT6 nuclear reactor?
It may improves the importance of reactor.


Uh, you are aware just how hard it is to automate that Reactor for the minuscule amount of Tritium you would get through those Rods?

I dont think converting a rare Material like Lithium into Tritium is a good Idea, especially if you wanna dump it into the Matter Fabricator.

If you want a high Neutron Amount, why not use something abundant like Lead?


In fact, the convert ratio is acceptable.
1Li dust can be turn to 324mB Tritium.

In reality, it is a way to get tritium.

And how to let the GT6 reactor become fully automatic?
The IC2 reactor can use the AE, Nuclear Control and the Robot Arm to become fully automatic.

Sorry, my post under this one is an accident.


No, lithium in gt6 is not rare. I got 11 stacks of lithium chloride from tungstate. Now I’m still thinking about how to fucking dispose of them, because I don’t need so many lithium batteries at all.

To tell you the truth, you only need one tungstate bedrock vein to have infinity lithium (I didn’t even find the bedrock vein. I only dug two tungsten veins to get so much lithium)

In addition, it is too slow to produce tritium by centrifuging water. It will take you a long time to get tritium enough to recover the energy cost of starting deuterium-tritium fusion, unless you have a large centrifuge array, but this means processing a large amount of tungsten and producing a large amount of lithium…